Why Quality Matters

Over the past 25 years, there have been a number of research studies done on child development. One thing that has been consistent is the effects of quality early childhood experiences. Study after study has highlighted the importance of early quality care and it’s affects on a child’s health, development, and education.

The direct and long term impact of children participating in a high quality child care setting:

  • Children who are in high-quality child care display better social emotional and language development, school readiness, and early school achievement
  • Participation in high-quality child care is an essential way to close the achievement gap between children of different economic backgrounds
  • Children who receive high-quality care are more likely to graduate from High School, go to college, and be prepared to enter workforce

The Quality Rated program was developed in response to the growing need to assess, improve, and communicate the level of quality in early education and school‐age care programs. Child care programs that are participating in Georgia’s Quality Rated has agreed to meet standards that exceed the state’s licensing requirements and is committed to improving the quality of care it provides to children.

More information about Quality Rated:

  • What Every Family Should Know About Quality Rated | Download PDF (English / Spanish)
  • Family Guide to Understanding Quality Rated Stars | Download PDF
  • Perform a child care search for Quality Rated programs
  • Get a referral over the phone by calling 1-877-ALL-GA-KIDS (877-255-4254)
  • Contact Quality Rated at 1-855-800-QRIS (855-800-7747)
  • Learn More | qualityrated.org

 If your current or prospective child care provider is not Quality Rated, ask them: Why Not?