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Our mission is to ensure Georgia’s infants and young children are nurtured and educated when they are not in the care of their parents. We do this is by helping families access quality, affordable care for their children, and by helping families make informed decisions by understanding the information and supports that are available to them. See below for helpful resource links.

Child Development & Education

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Family Engagement

Family Engagement

Family engagement is the shared responsibility of families, schools and communities to actively promote and support family wellbeing, healthy child development, strong family child relationships and lifelong learning for all children and families.

Authentic and effective family engagement is:

  • Intentional – purposeful action beginning before birth and continuing through life
  • Universal – occurring across all settings where children learn
  • Respectful – capitalizing on the unique strengths and responding to the exceptional needs and challenges of each family
  • Collaborative – building strong relationships between families and all organizations and agencies working with children and families, including creating opportunities for family leadership and decision making

Family Engagement Resources:

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