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Healthy Eating

Healthy Eating Starts Young! What your child eats, at least for the first several years, is largely up to you. As an infant, the best nutrition for the first four to six months is breast milk or a quality infant formula. Once your baby is able to hold his head up by himself, sit in… Read more »

Social-Emotional Growth

Support Your Child’s Social-Emotional Growth It’s never too early to support your child’s social and emotional growth, and doing so is just as important as supporting his physical development. Social and emotional intelligence is necessary for children to understand the feelings of others, as well as control his or her own behavior while building relationships… Read more »

Story Time

There’s No Such Thing as Too Much Story Time! Children love story time, and rightly so! Books build imaginations while teaching children important literacy skills and vocabulary. Every child should be read to aloud for at least 15 minutes every day beginning at birth. As a child’s attention span lengthens, the amount of reading times… Read more »

Early Literacy Skills

Support Your Child’s Early Learning Through Words Children are sponges and begin soaking up the world around them from the day they are born. Research has proven that children who have a rich vocabulary by the age of three have overall success in school but especially with vocabulary, language and reading comprehension skills. There’s no… Read more »

Managing Goodbyes

Help Your Child Manage Goodbyes It can be tough for parents – especially new moms and dads – to leave their child in the care of another adult while they work or are attending to other matters, but it can be even harder when the child is upset too. Rest assured that your child care… Read more »

Creative Play

Help Your Children Learn About and Express Their Feelings Through Creative Play Children learn best through play. When they create their own fantastical and magical worlds in pretend play, you will often see them imitating their parents, teachers, and siblings and pretending to do things such as cook dinner, play family or school. While these… Read more »

Unscheduled Visits

Plan Unscheduled Visits to Your Child Care Provider Like the majority of parents, your main exposure to your child’s early childhood learning program is most likely during morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up. Have you ever dropped by unexpectedly? If not, you should plan to do so one day to see how the program is running… Read more »

Emergency Planning

Make Sure You Can Be Reached During an Emergency Whether it is a true emergency or not, situations occur when your child’s care provider must reach you. Help her not waste time tracking you down by keeping your contact information current. If you have recently changed your phone number or email address, update your information… Read more »

Car Seat Safety

Car Seats Keep Your Child Safe The best way to ensure your child’s safety when traveling is to have your child in a car seat that is safely installed and correct for her age. It is the most effective device in preventing serious injury or death in a vehicle crash. While car seats look simple… Read more »

Early Literacy Development

Support Your Child’s Early Literacy Development at Home A big misconception is that early literacy means early reading instruction. That is not the case but it does refer to what children know about reading and writing before they actually do either one. For instance, learning their ABCs is only one of the pre-reading skills that… Read more »