Emergency Planning

Make Sure You Can Be Reached During an Emergency

Whether it is a true emergency or not, situations occur when your child’s care provider must reach you. Help her not waste time tracking you down by keeping your contact information current. If you have recently changed your phone number or email address, update your information with your child care provider as soon as possible.

Most organized child care programs request that you fill out and update registration and contact information once a year. This is a great time to review your contact information as well as the contact information you provide for emergency situations.

Don’t forget: communication travels both ways. Be sure to check that the information you have for your child care program is correct and working so you can reach them when needed.


  • Ask your provider for a written copy of the child care program’s emergency plans.
  • In the case of a personal emergency, communicate with your child’s care provider as early as possible to advise her of the situation.
  • Have at least one special provider to use as your point of contact.

AGE 1 TO 2

  • List multiple ways for your child care provider to reach you in case of an emergency. Provide your mobile number, work number, and email address.
  • Have you provided secondary contacts in case you can not be reached during emergencies? Provide multiple ways to contact your secondary contacts as well.
  • Does your provider have a newsletter or bulletin board to communicate updates? If so, be sure you are aware of any changes and updates.

AGE 2 TO 3

  • Whenever your contact information changes, be sure to provide your child’s care giver with the new information as soon as possible.
  • Keep your provider updated with news they need to know about your child. Your child’s like and dislikes, allergies, and food preferences are important.
  • Teach your child your phone number. Help them remember it using a song.

AGE 3 TO 4

  • Make sure that you label your child’s coats, backpacks and other items with her name and your phone number.
  • Do you have multiple contact numbers stored so you can reach your child care provider if you are having an emergency?
  • Double check with your provider to ensure they have your correct contact information on file.

AGE 4 TO 5

  • Does your child know or have access to your contact information as well as to your spouse’s or another guardian’s information?
  • Ask your child if his provider has emergency drills at school and what happens during a drill.
  • Talk with your child about what to do during an emergency. Tell them to follow his provider’s instructions.