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Use Quality Checklists in Your Georgia Child Care Search

Because quality child care is so important, we recommend that families spend time researching the right environment for their child. After all, choosing child care may be one of the most important decisions that you will ever make.

Download Checklists by clicking on a link below!

Child Care Checklist [PDF] Download
Summer Camp Checklist [PDF] Download
After School Checklist English [PDF] Download
After School Checklist Spanish [PDF] Download

Five Steps to Selecting Quality Care for Your Child

Step 1: Start Your Child Care Search Early

Start your child care search sooner than you think you need to. It takes a considerable amount of time to research your options, make comparisons, and visit potential providers.

Step 2: Make the Calls

Call 1-877-ALL-GA-KIDS (1-877-255-4254) to get a list of providers that match your specific needs. Our child care search experts can help you identify possible providers based on the location of your work or home, budget, and more.

Create your own list of possible providers by performing a child care search online, or by downloading our mobile app here.

After you have created a list of possible providers, call each one to check details such as availability, hours, fees, etc.

Step 3: Download our Child Care Check List

Before visiting possible child care providers download the child care checklist and observe the quality indicators included on the list.

Step 4: Visit, Ask and Observe

Visiting each location gives you an opportunity to make important observations and ask questions.

Possible question might include:

  • How many children are with each adult? See the child care checklist for ratios.
  • What are the training and education requirements for staff?
  • Are general emergency procedures in place in the event of inclement weather? If so, what are they?
  • How many staff has been employed with the provider?
  • What is the policy for sick children and emergencies?
  • What are the policies for field trips and transportation?
  • Is the provider nationally accredited? See Checklist for examples
  • Is the provider Quality Rated? If not, why? Click here to learn more about Quality Rated.

Step 5: Make Your Choice

Review all of the information you have collected from your child care search, evaluate your choices and make the selection best for your family.

After Enrollment

Once your child is enrolled with the provider of your choice, remember to be available to communicate with staff about your child on a regular basis. Make time to visit your child while they are in their learning environment or ask about other volunteer opportunities. Your child is more opt to be engaged in learning when they see that you have taken an interest in their education. Also, have daily conversations with your child about their experiences. No matter how old (or young) your child is, children benefit most when their primary caregiver takes a positive interest in them.


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