Invest in Georgia’s Children

The future of Georgia’s children is in our hands. We all want children to have the best chance at a successful life. Science tells us we can best prepare children for a healthy and productive future by providing high-quality early education. This investment pays dividends. For every dollar invested in children’s earliest years, our community will save up to $13. Step forward and improve the lives of children in Georgia! Every dollar donated to Quality Care for Children helps ensure Georgia’s children receive quality early education. It will also help a child reach for the bright future they deserve.

Fund a 3-hour training for a child care professional


Find high-quality, affordable care for one family


Provide 10 weeks of healthy summer lunches to 1 child


Pay for 3 weeks of emergency child care for a family


I would like to make a donation in another amount.

Nancy’s Circle: $1,000
Support a family in crisis with child care to honor Nancy Travis, founder of Quality Care for Children.
Development Contact: Robin Kirby: robin.kirby@qualitycareforchildren
Recurring Payments
: Donations/payments can be made using the Georgia Gives Day site
QCC Mailing Address: 2751 Buford Hwy NE / Suite 500 / Atlanta, GA 30324
Charitable Status: 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization (Tax ID 58-2400285)

Planned Giving

Your planned gift can have a lasting impact on children throughout Georgia. There are a growing number of planned giving arrangements to meet each donor’s specific financial planning needs – from life insurance, charitable trusts, retirement plan gifts, bequests, gift annuities, and donations of securities and real estate. View this planned giving fact sheet to compare the benefits and requirements of these giving opportunities. QCC has partnered with Dressler Financial Services and Fortress Brokerage to provide a free consultation and assistance for any individual interested in making a planned gift. Contact Robin Kirby ( to discuss these giving opportunities.

 Do you own life insurance? You may be able to save by switching policies and have 1% donated to a charity of your choosing (at NO cost to you!). 

Donor Example
Age/Risk Class: Male, 55, Pref. Non-Nicotine
Initial Premium: $14,975 (Pacific Life) Vs. $10,657 (Symetra)
Initial Death Benefit: $1,000,000
Savings to Donor: $4,318 annually
Charitable Giving Benefit
Symetra pays 1% additional benefit. In this case, $10,000 would go to a qualified charity of donor’s choice upon the death of the insured.

How your donation can impact Georgia’s children

PROGRAM $1,000 $2,500 $5,000 $10,000
Emergency Child Care Pay for 6 weeks of child care for one family in need Train 50 child care providers on how to assist a family in crisis Ensure 5 children are in safe, stable child care while their family addresses a crisis Ensure 10 children are in safe, stable child care while their family addresses a crisis
Food Program Feed 50 children breakfast and lunch for the summer Feed 500 children breakfast and lunch for a week Offer nutrition classes to 40 child providers so children receive nutritious meals Help sponsor five child care cooks in “Chefs for Young Children” – six- month training
Georgia Alliance for Quality Child Care Field trip for 142 children Consultation on best business practices for 10 child care programs Offer nutrition training to 100 child care providers Support a learning cohort for 10 child care programs working to improve quality
Child Care Training & Professional Development Two-hour training for 40 child care providers Ensure one child care provider receives 120 hours of advanced training Offer two-hour brain development training to 125 child care providers Offer CPR and First Aid training to 250 child care providers
ALL-GA-KIDS Assist 10 families in finding quality child care through our phone referral system Help 250 families search for and choose child care through ourwebsite or mobile app Create and print 5,000 child care checklists Create a video that helps parents understand the importance of high-quality child care

Quality Care for Children is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization (Tax ID 58-2400285) and donations are tax deductible per IRS guidelines.