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Picky Eaters

How Can You Help Expand Your Picky Eater’s Menu Selections? There’s no sure fire explanation of why some children are more adventurous eaters and why others want the same foods day after day and refuse to try anything new. Some people believe that children are born “picky” eaters and others argue that it is how… Read more »

Connecting with your Provider

Connecting with Your Child Care Provider Making a good connection with your child’s teacher is beneficial for you, the provider and most importantly, your child. Great communication is crucial to a good relationship. Always treat your childcare provider with respect and take an active interest in your child’s progress in the child care setting. Keep… Read more »

GPP: Choosing Quality Rated Care

Why should you choose Quality Rated care for your child? Choosing child care is such a big decision it can often feel overwhelming. Your child needs a safe environment which promotes her growth and development. You need a program which supports your family values, encourages your child’s growth, and is safe, affordable, and convenient.  But,… Read more »

Listening Ears & Vocabulary

Your Listening Ears and Rich Vocabulary Support Your Child’s Brain Development Your child may be a small baby who only makes vowel sounds to communicate with you. How do you engage with her at this age to foster her growth? Or your child may be old enough to ask lots of questions about the world… Read more »

GPP: Outdoor Play

Outdoor Play Can Be Fun For Parents and Children Babies, infants and toddlers benefit from playing outdoors. It is perfect for exercising their bodies and stimulating their brains. Studies show the more time spent outside in natural surroundings, the more children’s senses are awakened.  However, we understand it can be intimidating to take babies, infants,… Read more »

GPP: Maximizing Playtime

Make Every Moment Count! See Tips for Maximizing an Hour of Playtime with Your Little One. Dinner must be prepared, bath time is approaching, and bedtime is on your mind. With so much to do after an already long day it can be hard to think about how to make the most of your precious… Read more »

GPP: Supporting Creativity & Pretend Play

Is Your Child Care Program Supporting Creativity and Pretend Play in the Classroom? Pretend play, also called dramatic or creative play, is how children learn best. In this kind of play, children often imitate life which allows them to work on important soft skills such as conflict resolution, problem solving, how to listen to instructions… Read more »

GPP: Choosing the Right Toys

How to Choose the Right Toys The “right” toy is one that is safe for your child to play with, as well as matches their stage of development and emerging abilities. All children reach developmental milestones at different rates and what they are interested in varies. Therefore the “right” toy for one child may not… Read more »

GPP: Prevent Illness Spreading

How Does Your Child Care Program Keep Illness from Spreading? Germs can spread quickly in a child care setting. Little hands and toys frequently find their ways to mouths; fingers into nostrils. Then, these same hands, toys and fingers touch a friend’s mouth, a door handle or a new toy and it is germ city!… Read more »

GPP: Healthy Eating Habits

Start Healthy Eating Habits from the Start By introducing new and healthy foods to your child at an early age, you help them develop good eating habits that will benefit them a lifetime. Once your child can eat solids, each meal should contain a variety of foods from each of the five food groups:  … Read more »