Emergency Child Care Assistance Program

Quality Care for Children’s Emergency Child Care (ECC) program assists families who are experiencing crisis situations by providing access to resources for quality child care. Since 1987, ECC has helped families in crisis achieve self-sufficiency by assisting them in meeting their child care needs; including paying for child care and helping families develop long-term child care plans. Family crisis situations include violence, divorce, starting a new job, or facing a large unexpected expense. Such uncertainty and instability makes it difficult for parents to provide continuity and consistency of child care for their children. And lack of child care exacerbates their challenges in addressing their crises, including finding and maintaining employment.

QCC works with parents to understand their child care needs, locates appropriate child care and/or school-age care programs, and negotiates fees with the provider. QCC facilitates the relationship between the provider and parent, monitors the placement of the child to guarantee that services are being provided, connects families to additional resources, and issues checks to the provider. QCC also assists families in developing long-term child care plans so that they can meet their child care needs when the financial assistance ends. Recruited providers are specially trained to care for children from families in crisis.

Thanks to several partnerships and private funding, QCC is able to support a limited number of families for specific communities in Georgia through its ECC program.