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You can demonstrate your commitment to providing high-quality learning experiences for young children and help your program stand out in the marketplace by becoming Quality Rated and Quality Care for Children (QCC) can help you get there. QCC provides free training, on-site consultation, resources and support to programs in Regions 1, 2, and 6 (view map).  Download this PDF to learn more about the Quality Rated process and rating system.

There are many benefits to participating in Quality Rated including (more listed below):

  • Discounts on supplies
  • Opportunities to earn more
  • Free on-site assistance
  • Free state-approved training
  • Mini-grants

How does a program become quality rated?

Quality Care for Children's Team of Early Care & Education Specialists in Atlanta (Region 2), Athens (Region 6), and Cartersville (Region 1) are standing by ready to help your child care program become and stay Quality Rated (view region map). 

STEP 1: Go to www.qualityrated.decal.ga.gov

STEP 2: Choose “create account” and click "register"

STEP 3: Under facility search enter your license #, CCLC-… or FR-…., then click SEARCH.

STEP 4: When your info comes, up click “create account”. Before you do this, make sure your email address is correct, if it is not, call the Quality Rated Help desk at 1-855-800-7747.

STEP 5: When you finish the application, check the square at the bottom of the page confirming that you have reviewed the info and it is correct. Then click SUBMIT.

STEP 6: Contact QCC at 404-479-4230 to request your FREE Technical Assistance

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Learn more & Get Started

To learn more, call 404-479-4230 or submit your information in the form below.

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Additional Benefits of Quality Rated

There are many benefits and incentives available to programs who choose to participate in Quality Rated and for those that receive a star rating. Here are just some of the benefits and resources available:

  • Free Training: A completed Quality Rated application allows early learning professionals to attend Quality Rated training for free.
  • Mini-Grant: Programs enrolled in TA for their first portfolio submission will be eligible for $1,000 - $1,600, based on the size of the program. 
  • Peer Support & Networking : Opportunities to attend specialized leadership training.
  • Free On-site Support & Coaching: Programs receive monthly coaching visits where they receive direct support to the classroom teachers and program leadership to help the program meet their quality improvement goals.
  • Bonus Packages: Bonus packages ranging in value from $3,000 – $6,000 are awarded to rated programs, based on the designated star level. Programs rated at the 3 star level will also receive monetary bonuses for staff and specialized conference scholarships and special mentorship opportunities. 
  • Increased CAPS Reimbursement: Programs participating in the Child and Parent Services program (CAPS) are eligible for increased reimbursement rates above and beyond what they would normally receive. 1 Star programs receive a 5% quality bonus, 2 Star programs receive a 10% quality bonus, and 3 Star programs receive a 25% quality bonus.
  • Better Parent & Staff Partnerships: Quality Rated helps teachers  articulate what high quality early care and learning looks like.
  • Higher Teacher Retention: Research supports that the leading factor in teacher retention for early learning professionals is professional growth and development. Quality Rated encourages programs to invest in teachers and help create professional development.
  • Increased Parent & Family Satisfaction: When teachers are invested in and are better equipped to communicate with parents they are much more satisfied and confident in their work. They are recognized as professionals and parents gain an increased respect and trust in their chosen child care provider.
  • Marketing and Branding Tools: Programs can access Quality Rated materials through their Quality Rated account. They can also order supplies and other branded materials through the Quality Rated store to support marketing your program.