Quality Care for Children Overview

For 40 years, Quality Care for Children's mission has been to ensure Georgia’s infants and young children reach their full potential by helping:

  • child care programs provide nutritious meals and educational care to young children so they are ready for success in school; and

  • parents access quality child care so that they can attend college or succeed in the workplace.

Quick Facts

  • Offices: Atlanta, Athens, Cartersville

  • Year Founded: 1979

  • Employees: 105

  • Operating Budget: $15 million

Why our work is critical

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of a child’s brain is “hardwired” before the age of 5, setting the groundwork for future learning.

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of a low-income family’s budget can easily be spent on child care (average cost in Atlanta is $9,284).

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of children in Georgia live in food insecure homes, and more than 24% live below the poverty level.

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By age 3, there is a 30 million word gap between children from the wealthy and poor families.


Our Approach

Creating equity and paving the way for two generations to succeed.

QCC’s comprehensive approach involves working directly with Georgia’s children, parents, and child care providers. The data and findings from the organization’s programs is then leveraged to advocate for policies that promote child care quality and affordability at the local, state, and national levels.

Guiding Principles

  • Always prioritize the needs of children, especially the most vulnerable

  • Consistently link program and policy

  • Innovate while taking prudent risks

  • Leverage our position as thought leaders

Our Programs

+ Child care referral Service

QCC provides a free state-wide child care referral service for parents seeking child care, after school programs, and summer camps. The organization’s Referral Specialists help parents understand all of their options to find them programs that fit their family’s needs.

+ Child care provider training

QCC offers in-person and online training classes for child care professionals as well as Child Development Associate (CDA) Credential™ courses. Additionally, QCC provides state-wide nutrition training for child care cooks.

+ Child Care Food Program

QCC administers the USDA Child and Adult Food Care Program (CACFP). The ACFP supports programs that demonstrate a commitment to good nutrition by helping offset the cost of serving higher quality meals and snacks.

+ Early Head Start

QCC manages a cohort of Early Head Start family child care providers that serve children of low-income families. QCC staff assists with all aspects of running these programs to provide comprehensive child and family services birth through age 3.


+ Quality Rated Support

Quality Rated is Georgia’s quality rating improvement system created to assess, improve, and communicate the quality of early care programs. QCC provides on-site consulting at child care programs to support their quality improvement efforts.

+ Provider Resource Hub

The Provider Resource Hub (formerly the Georgia Alliance for Quality Child Care) membership program provides child care professionals with administrative and cost-saving resources as well as workshops to help them run their programs more effectively and efficiently.

+ Boost Child Care Scholarships

The Boost Child Care Assistance Initiative provides child care tuition scholarships to low-income college student parents who cannot afford quality child care but do not receive a child care subsidy in Georgia and also advocates for policies that strengthen access to high-quality care.

+ Emergency Child Care

The Emergency Child Care program assists families who are experiencing crisis situations by helping them pay for child care and developing a long-term care plan. Family crisis situations often include domestic violence, hospitalization, and job loss.

+ Georgia Parent Power MESSAGING

Through Georgia Parent Power, parents can receive two free informational mobile messages each month by simply texting “GeorgiaParent” to 99000. Messages cover helpful topics such as developmental milestones, child care quality indicators, and literacy tips.

Annual Accomplishments

  • 104,852 participant hours of training at 732 classes

  • 950 child care programs assisted with Quality Rated, Georgia’s quality improvement system

  • 7,029 on-site consultation visits and 21,854 hours of support at child care programs

  • $590,351 in grants provided to child care providers to improve their facilities and programs

  • 18 child care providers supported with intensive Farm to ECE training, curriculum support, and garden resources

  • 22,542 children at 654 programs received nutritious meals through the Child Care Food Program

  • 5,582 free referrals for Georgia parents seeking child care, afterschool, and summer camps

  • 76 community events throughout Georgia to help parents understand and find quality child care

  • 233 Boost child care scholarships provided to college student parents at 4 Georgia universities

  • 888 programs helped business resources and discounts through the Provider Resource Hub

  • 268 weeks of Emergency Child Care to Georgia families experiencing crisis situations

  • 97,584 text messages sent with parenting tips and child development information through Georgia Parent Power