Read Across Georgia Month

Make daily reading important in your child’s life! Get started with March’s Read Across Georgia.

Growing young readers may take some time and commitment on your part but the benefits are so much greater than you can imagine. Begin sharing books with your baby as soon as you are able, and carve out time each day – before bed, in the early afternoon, or after bath time – whatever works for you.

Reading aloud to your child builds many foundational skills, introduces vocabulary, provides a model of fluent, expressive reading, promotes bonding and helps children understand that reading is for pleasure as well as learning.

Each March in Georgia celebrates Read Across Georgia, our very own take of the National Education Association’s Read Across America celebration. This year we ask you to make a pledge to read to your child for at least 10 minutes every day in March, and then every day afterward!

Getting started:

  • Help your child make reading a habit by choosing a special time and place each day to read together.
  • Choose a variety of books with bright colors, big pictures, rhyming words, silly words and be prepared to read favorites over and over again.
  • Research story time at your local library or book store and make it a weekly date with your child.
  • Be expressive when you read! Or, mix it up with funny voices or sing the sentences. It’s all about having fun and enjoying the story together.
  • Help your child learn their letters and new words by pointing them out as you read.
  • Take a look at your home library of children’s books. Does it have plenty of fiction and nonfiction?
  • Want to share your love of reading with your child’s friends and get new books in the process? Organize a book swap to celebrate Read Across Georgia.
  • Ask your child’s teacher if you could come in to read to the class periodically or help in organizing the class library.

More information:

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