Staying safe while growing and learning

Take Precautions to Keep Your Child Safe as She Grows

Children are explorers by nature. As soon as they become mobile, they began to investigate their environment which means that they use all of their senses to better understand everything. They find a button on the floor, it goes directly into their mouth. For some reason, it makes perfect sense to them that little fingers are the perfect size to fit into electrical outlets. All of a sudden, their once safe space is a danger zone!

Check out the tips below to help lessen the risks around your home and your child care provider’s space.

Safety Tips:

  • Be sure to lock doors to any dangerous areas or exits.

  • Use safety gates on stairs and discourage climbing the gates if you see that beginning to happen.

  • Install window guards on windows above the first floor.

  • Since falls often happen around playground equipment, be sure that there is a soft surface for them to land on.

  • Tricycles, scooters and run bikes are popular at this age. Make a rule that helmets are worn from the start.

  • There should be a fence around your child care’s play area. Make sure that the gates are in good working condition and can be locked.

  • If you keep firearms in your house, make sure that the ammunition is locked separately from the gun.

  • Keep guns unloaded and in a safe, locked place.

  • Keep knives and other kitchen appliances out of reach of small hands.

  • Keep your child in a safe place when ironing or cooking. Check your stove to see if the outside gets hot to the touch.

  • Lock all cabinets and drawers that might be tempting to a child. House hold cleaners should be capped and stored in a secure cabinet. Keep all medicines safely out of reach.

  • Check that all electrical outlets have plates on them with no loose wires sticking out. Unused outlets should have safety caps on them.

  • Keep all appliances and their cords in good condition.

  • Make sure that fire alarms and carbon monoxide detectors work and are checked monthly.

  • Be sure that there is not standing water outside in buckets or pools and never leave a child alone in the bathroom. It does not take much water for a child to drown.

  • Keep floors and counters clean of loose buttons, change and other small items that can wind up in a mouth . . . or a nose!

  • Cribs are up to date, haven’t been recalled and meet all safety precautions.

  • Heavy furniture is bolted into the wall so it will not topple over on a little person.

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