Thank your Provider

Thank your child care provider!

While modern moms and dads are spending more time with their children than parents of any other time since the 60s, a large majority of children under five years old are still spending 35 hours or more in a child care setting each week. Chances are, your child is with a child care provider – in-home, a center-based program or a nanny – for a large part of her day.

What would you do without your child care provider? How would you work? Who would wipe your child’s tears and give out hugs and kisses when you can’t be there? Consider how lucky you are to have found someone who shares the same objectives for your child as you do: to keep her safe, let her know she is loved, and help provide the skills she’ll need to be successful and happy later in life!

May is recognized as Child Care Provider Month. Take this month to let the special people who are taking care of your child know how much they mean to your family.

What can you do?

  • Take a few extra minutes to tell your child care provider “thank you.”
  • Celebrate Child Care Provider Appreciation Day – Friday, May 11.
  • Write a note expressing your appreciation and help your child write one from her too.
  • Initiate a week of love and appreciation where all the parents in your child care program bring in treats, notes, and flowers to be given to the staff.
  • Give your child care provider a gift, small bonus or a paid day off.
  • Bring the staff breakfast, coffee, donuts or fresh fruit one morning.
  • Donate something to your provider’s play area.
  • Ask your child what she wants to do to show her thanks to her child care provider, and then help make it happen!

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