Good Communication is Important for the Success of Any Relationship

Parents should seek to develop a strong connection with their child’s care provider as they both have a common goal: to help their child thrive and succeed in life. These early relationships help children feel loved and cared for, enabling them to learn important social-emotional skills and develop in every other aspect of their mental and physical health.

 Read the factors below to determine if you have a strong relationship with your child’s care provider or if you have work to do.


  • Do you greet your child’s primary teachers and other staff by first name every day?

  • Are you a good listener when your child care provider is sharing concerns with you about your child?

  • Do you regularly share important things about your child’s life? Such as that your child got a poor night’s sleep or that they are having a hard time with allergies?

  • Changes in family life, like a new job, a move, family visitors, or a divorce, are important events in your child’s life that could induce behavior changes and should be shared with the provider.

  • Do you take an interest in your child care provider’s life? Ask about their families, weekends, or special interests.

  • Show up for all meetings and conferences.

  • Collaborate with your child care team to help in the class when needed and support the program’s special activities.

  • Do you regularly tell and demonstrate to your child’s caregiver that you appreciate them?


  • You greet your child’s teacher and staff during drop-off or pick-up but do not linger to see if you can help or to talk with the teacher.

  • You attend one or more planned activities at the program.

  • You are congenial and open to feedback when discussing your child.

  • You ask how your child is doing during the day and what they are doing in the classroom.


  • Do you know your child care provider’s first name?

  • Do you regularly drop-off or pick-up your child while on the phone?

  • Do you send your child to school sick?

  • Have you missed one or more planned meetings or conferences with your child’s caregiver?

  • Do you talk negatively about your child’s teacher to other parents or your child?

  • Are you open to suggestions or conversation about your child’s learning and behavior?

  • Are you responsive when the child care program or teacher contacts you?

All relationships need nurturing, clear communication that includes active listening, and respect to be strong. Below are some resources with advice on maintaining a positive relationship with your child’s teachers.

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